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I have just finished my Fearless Retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica. Shivanter and I had an amazing time with a group of 6 Fearless women. We did a lot of  Kundalini Yoga, a day of 5 Rhythms, and most importantly we really explored facing our fears by testing the waters through water sports such as surfing, and Stand Up Paddle Boarding. I have always had this fascination with surfing and the whole surfing subculture. I have always thought “maybe in one of my past lives I was a surfer from  Santa Barbara or some Calfifornia Coastal town where all people do is surf.” Because  In my mind I am a surfer. Before this retreat I watched surfing videos for beginners and actually got down on the floor to practice popping up tichniques so that I would be ready to do the real thing once I got to Nosara. Lately I have had this ongoing fantasy / challenge, that before I am 5o I am going to master surfing. I want to be that fierce lady riding the waves of the Mother ocean.

Well.. on this retreat I got to actually witness and participate my fantasy manifest in the present.

The ladies and I went surfing and it was amazing, triumphant, challenging, awakening, and even a little frustrating. One thing I learned right away, and that is to pay attention. One of the first things that happened to me was I fell off the board and a wave was coming and the board smacked me right in the mouth. I thought I had broken my teeth it hurt so bad, but my determination was insane because I didn’t let it stop me from getting right back up and going for more. Finally after a few tries and with the help of the nicest surfer boys pushing my board to give me a head start I actually stood up on my board and experienced a few seconds of gliding on top of the ocean’s surface. What a feeling even though it only lasted 30 seconds. Then I kept going back for more. Though the waves were  small, they were kicking my butt all over the place. I still wanted more. Finally when our hour was over I felt like wow, an hour is all I need.

I leaned a lot in my surfing lesson. One thing for sure it is going to take a long time to master this sport. It is going to take a lot of practice and a lot of trips to Costa Rica. I also learned that surfing is a very mental (like most things) It is an amazing active meditation. Timing the waves, staying calm so you can pop up gracefully, once you get going and then keeping your balance as you ride the wave. It’s a lot like life. Waves are always coming.

Everything comes back to keeping the mind waves focused, relaxed, and calm. My retreat ended two days ago and I am still in Costa Rica regenerating myself. I am so excited to return back to New York City. I am looking forward to sharing this High energy with everyone in my life.  A friend named Debra who owns Nosara B&B, which is the sweetest Retreat Space here in Nosara, said to me that “Osho use to reference Jesus a lot and one thing he said was how Jesus would always retreat for 40 days and then go back into the valley to be with the people and to do his work. We all need to retreat from our routines and environments from time to time. When we go on a retreat it is like we are hitting a reset button in our mind, body, and soul, but the retreat is not supposed to last forever, the whole purpose of the retreat was to help you feel re-birthed so you can take all of the powerful energy growth and wisdom you gained on the retreat and share it with your loved ones, your friends an neighbors. I am looking forward to returning to the Valley.

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