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Join Hari Kaur and Siri Rishi for a Kundalini Advance

   Y o g a +  M o o n  C e n t e r s  =  I l l u m i n e d  W o m e n

Dates: Friday May 25th to Friday June 1st

We welcome you to join us on a magical journey into the luxurious land of the Goddess for a week of  self discovery, relaxation, and remembrance. We will practice Kundalini Yoga and uncover the mysteries of the eleven “Moon Centers of the Sacred Female Anatomy”.  Healing and bonding  as we dive deep into the sea and into an intimate understanding of our nature as women, healers, and leaders.

Tulum, Mexico, The Mayan Rivera is known as one of the most magical eco locations on our planet, as well as the land of the Mayan Goddess Ixchel – The Goddess of fertility and medicine. As soon as one steps foot into Tulum, she invokes a spontaneous healing energy of peace and calm. You immediately feel unplugged and off the grid.

Retiro Maya, is a “grass roots eco-haven for the nature loving traveler” offering beautiful eco-chic cabanas right in front of the pristine caribbean ocean blanketed with gorgeous white sand beaches. The center provides a peaceful and quiet environment to refresh and recharge in communion with nature, with a beautiful open air Shala surrounded by lush tropical jungle crowned by an amazing palapa roof. For more information please visit http://www.retiromaya.com

Hari Kaur Khalsa, Host / Yoga Teacher, is one of the most well known Kundalini Yoga teachers specializing in Yoga for women. She studied directly with Yogi Bhajan who encouraged her to teach women how to heal, and how to lead. She teaches the moon centers like no other. When we study the moon centers it is like we are unlocking a deep vault in the memory of the feminine DNA. Through understanding the moon centers it will change our relationship to our partners, our families, and our society.

Siri Rishi Kaur, Co-Host / Yoga Teacher, has visited Tulum in the past and knew this would be the perfect location for Yoginis to uncover the teachings of the moon centers. Siri Rishi has been a longtime student/mentee of Hari Kaurs. They have worked closely on several Teacher Trainings in NYC. She is known for delivering these ancient teachings with devotion, a light heart, and a sense of humor. It is her mission is to create healing yogic communities near and far, through that intention she has created RISHI Retreats to be one of the vehicles to help serve this mission.

Deepen your Yoga Practice  ~ Explore Tulum and the Mayan Riviera ~Discover, Celebrate, & Heal the Sacred Feminine Energy

Cost: $1551.00 for double Room Occupancy,        

$1323.00 for quadruple room occupancy

What’s Included:

~Daily Kundalini Yoga Moon Centers Workshop with Hari Kaur

~Daily Kundalini Yoga Class & Meditation with Siri Rishi

~Double Room Occupancy or Quadruple Room Occupancy

~3 Authentic Mexican Vegetarian Meals Per Day

~Opening and Closing Ceremonies

~Healing Goddess Rituals

~Plenty of Downtime for Relaxation, Spa Treatments, and Excursions

 Not Include:

-Airline ticket fares

-Transportation to & from airport

-Extra Excursions: Deep Sea Diving with Hari, Snorkeling, Wind Surfing, Spa Treatments and more.

For more info on Retiro Maya please visit  www.retiromaya.com

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