Rishis are, earth loving urbanites, teachers, musicians,Earth Custodians, tree huggers, lovers of life, dream weavers, meditators, gypsy yogis, fashionistas, writers, actors, doctors, mothers, fathers, activists, heros, heroines, priestesses, druids, saints and saint makers, healers, herbalists, singers, dancers, surfers, massage therapists, midwives, dulas, nurses, business owners, entrapernuers, inventors, eco-architects, ceos, foodies, and more, All dedicated to traveling Lightly On OUr EARTH!

SIRI RISHI KAUR, (Founder of RISHI Retreats), is a  certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, she has been teaching Kundalini Yoga in the NYC  tri-state area for the past 12 years. She was former owner of Shakti Yoga Studios in New Haven, CT and has recently opened Beloved Yogi Harlem a Community Yoga Studio in NYC. Siri Rishi is an assistant to Hari Kaur Khalsa’s Teacher Trainings in NYC. She teaches regular workshops at Golden Bridge Yoga and she is also a  Lead Teacher with Bent On Learning which serves a diverse population of students  from grades K-12 in the NYC Public School System. Siri Rishi delivers this ancient technology in a down to Earth fashion. Inspiring and reminding students that walking a spiritual path is our birthright and it can be as natural as breathing. Her classes and workshops are uplifting and transformational with a supportive emphasis on meditation and developing a daily practice as well as harmonizing with nature.She serves as a Yoga Ambassador for United Nations Yoga 4 Peace and Reconciliation, who’s mission is to raise Human Rights Awareness through sharing the teachings of Yoga. Siri Rishi presently lives in NYC with her 16 year old daughter Jaya-Paul, and It is her life mission to serve and create healing Yoga Communities for all people near and far.

SHIVANTAR SINGH, (Health Coach/ KYTeacher), Co-owner of The Village, is a Certified health coach and food service professional with 30 plus years experience working with food as medicine.  Focusing primarily on how to eat healthy food that tastes good and embraces the nutritional support of the mind, body and spirit is something Shivanter calls “Healthy Food Strategies.”   He has owned multiple restaurants on Miami Beach, worked for the Archdiocese of Miami and the Miami Dolphins and was the General Manager of Omega Food Works for several years (www.eomega.org).  Trained through the Culinary/Restaurant Management Program at Joliet College, he also holds degrees from Columbia College Chicago, City University of New York and is currently in the global doctoral program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.  Shivanter is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, certified ESL instructor through Oxford Language School and is a certified NYS Elementary Education Instructor . Shivanter’s approach to food as medicine comes from his own personal experience of healing himself.   Diagnosed with Hepatitis C seven years ago, he remains traceless today of the disease as a direct result of proper diet and alternative healing practices.


JAN PAUL(Super Food Chef), founder of Naked Foods, Co-owner of the Village, has been roaming the jungle landscape of Costa Rica for many years now with his life partner Jorgelina and the daughter Shanti Sol. Originally from Miami, Florida, this Argentine/Ecuadorian/American brings his latin flair and love of healthy vegan and raw foods together to create some of the most unique and mouth-watering treats this side of the equator. While known for his big smile and helpful heart, JP has also become quite well known for his raw desserts including a to-die-for Raw Mudslide Pie, coconut Creme Pie, Bliss Balls and many more. His raw entrees are a sight to be seen and tasted as well… as Raw-violi, Raw Pad Thai, Raw Coconut Curry Soup, to name a few. After years of friends and neighbors stopping by at all hours of the day for his goodies, JP started a small cafe near his home base in the blue Pacific waters of San Juanillo. ‘Soda Para Todos’ was a sacred spot for all those blessed to know it but the shade of the avocado tree in the sleepy town of San Juanillo proved inaccessible for the masses. Eventually JP relocated operations to the bustling little town of Playa Guiones, Nosara under his former catering name, Naked Foods. Now the people can stroll into the cute little orange wooden building in the shade of the great Guanacaste tree an smell the aroma of fresh pressed organic fruit and vegetable juices and hear the soft whirr of dehydrator fans drying Raw Macaroons, Spirulina Energy Bars, and Alphajor bites. Stop in for a taste of their fresh nut butters or frozen raw treats and while you’re there you can visit with JP who is still the same laid-back, health-loving, friendly surfer dude he always has been.

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