37072_10151311475737258_448244234_nI just returned from Nosara, Costa Rica. This was our 3rd retreat at Nosara B&B Retreat Center and it was even more amazing than the previous two. In the past it was a very smoothe transition returning back to NYC, but this time it was a challenging re-entry back into the groove of  Tar Jungle. This Winter Solstice Retreat was a special launch featuring Kundalini Yoga and 5Rhythms. What a powerful merger it was! It’s the  kind of cocktail you only want to have if you want to clear a lot of old baggage, releasing patterns that are not serving you. Creating with Shivanter Singh who teachers Kundalini Yoga and Conscious Eating, and Amber Ryan whom is an amazing 5Rhythms Teacher was inspiring, and affirming. We harmonized, synchronized, and found our edge. I would start the morning working on a Kriya releasing anger and she would follow with 5Rhythms working on dealing with our shadows. The two practices were like Shakti and Shiva, the perfect Tatric Marriage. Kundalini Yoga directs you inward to do the work of clearing and releasing past emotions and blockages so that you can become present and really resonate with your original truth, and 5Rhythms forces you to express authentically right from the heart, giving you permission to fully express using rhythm, flow, body movement and breath. It’s like we chant Sat Nam in Kundalini Yoga (which means I am Truth), and then 5Rhythms is like OK.. NOW.. BE SAT NAM! Drop into it, feel it, and Be it!  We created a beautiful container combining these two sacred practices and I can’t wait to hold sacred space in NYC combining Kundalini Yoga with 5Rhythms.

Nosara, Costa Rica is a high frequency JEWL location that recharges and rejuvenates us quickly. It’s sparsely populated by Earth Conscious Expats, Yogis, Surfers, and beautiful cocoa brown Ticos, and Ticas (whom are mixed indiginous natives of Costa Rica). The land is vibrant and lush with some of the most pristine beaches. Dense jungles with howling monkeys and all kinds of exotic birds. It’s quickly becoming my 2nd home. It’s a place that instantaneously brings me back to my true rhythm. You effortlessly merge into the Mother’s Vibration. You are humbled by her vastness and her power. The sound of Yemaya’s song is swafting in the air pulsating out of the ocean which cleanses us and brings us into remembrance that past, present, and future are ONE. You’re rhythm begins to eb & flow with the ocean which makes you present with the now. The Sun setting and the Sun rising is an ongoing meditation for everyone in Nosara. The whole town shuts down at 5:00 pm, everyone from the Ticos and Ticas to the surfers and everyone in between stops whatever it is that they are doing and honors the setting sun together at the ocean.

Making the transition into the 5th Sun on the Grid of Nosara was a dream come true. My intention was to  transition in a very High Vibration together so that we could merge with as much light as possible. The morning of the 12 ~21 ~12 at  5:00 AM I sat with an amazing Tribe of Yogis infront of the ocean waves in Playa Palada chanting Long Ek Ong Kars for two hours. Long Ek Ong Kars is a powerful Mantra that tunes us into the oneness with in and all around us. It affirms that we are designed by Divine Truth and that there is no greater an experience than to merge with that Truth and remember  that ONE Divine Source. It anchors you deep into the heart center and clears the chatter of the mind and quickly brings you into a state of Simran which means remembrance.  We chanted effortlessly for 2 hours, some of us with our eyes closed going deep into the sound, and some of us with our eyes open meditating deeply on the infinite ocean infront of us. The Mother reflected the vastness we all have access to inside of us. When I opened my eyes and saw the expansive ocean, it was a constant reminder that there are infinite possibilities of growth, expansion, and wonderment if we open ourselves up with compassion and humility to the awe and reality that GOD and Me Me and GOD are ONE!

Stay tuned for our upcoming local weekend retreat series “Yoga is Yoga” at Seven Arrows in New Jersey, January 18th -21st ~ Featuring Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini Yoga.


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